The All-Time Worst Gameplay Mechanics

Have you ever waited months for a highly anticipated video game release, only to realize the game is full of gameplay mechanics you can't stand?

You're not alone. Twitter user Chris Scullion @scully1888 took to Twitter to ask fellow gamers about their least favorite gameplay mechanics.

Chris tweeted, “What gameplay mechanics kill your interest dead when you discover a game has them? For me it's tower defense, crafting and deck-building (anything that's slow or takes the control away from me, basically)”

When the goal is too obvious

@allyhumphreys responded to Chris, “When your objective is too clearly signposted. I gave up on Splinter Cell for this reason. The first 2/3 games were great, then it got too easy.”

“That's an interesting one!” Chris replied. “I usually get annoyed at the opposite but appreciate that some people prefer to figure it out for themselves.”

Long-winded tutorials

@NoMagRyan shared, “Laboured tutorials that disable all the controls until they've explained them to you one by one annoy the piss out of me.”

“Ugh, especially when you’re playing a game for the second time and you don’t get the option to say “it’s cool, I know.”” Chris added.

Never-ending intros

@KateronaBiscuit doesn't like a game with, “A long intro that doesn’t let me press anything. I want to game and not watch a movie. I love the stories in games but they need to be set up whilst being able to play.”

Stressful time limits

@G1itcher said, “A long-running time limit. E.g Dead rising, Disco Elysium, etc.”

“I want to like Disco Elysium, but I get paralysis worrying that I'm going to miss something. Does anyone like being put into a beautiful world and then told they've got 10 minutes to do everything?”

Stealth sections

@ben_cameron joined the conversation. “Enforced stealth sections. Or escort missions.”

Mysterious alchemy

@GameOfTheSky replied, “I suppose it's not really a mechanic gameplay-wise, but live service grind stuff, especially if they're in full retail games. Crafting/alchemy has always been a bane for me in RPGs too, really hate it when the best stuff is locked behind… however you're meant to figure alchemy.”

the weird in between

@YamanekoRPG responded, “The forced walking bits in cinematic story games where there is nothing else to do but slightly push the stick forward while everyone is stating the obvious and giving you an illusion of interaction. Give me either true gameplay or a full-on cutscene, but not fake in between.”

Dreaded chase sequences

@bobbjackdotme chimed in, “I would say “chase sequences” because I think they suck, but I usually persist anyway. For example, I hate them in Ori and the Blind Forest, but the rest of the game is so good it doesn't quite kill it for me!”

Lost control

@MrMartyBarty doesn't like, “Anything survival-ish or management-like, especially ones where things happen totally beyond my control (eh someone/something dying despite me doing everything to prevent it).”

Crafting in linear games

@Dalagonash replied, “Crafting in linear games. From Last of Us to modern Resi, just let me find the items. I'd rather stress over what to carry and I often end up just ignoring the crafting.”

“Conversely, I'm fine with it in games like Monster Hunter as gathering resources feeds into map knowledge.”

Irksome survival mechanics

@OblivionCalls answered, “Having to deal with survival mechanics, as in hunger or thirst meters. Fallout 76 was really bad for that.”

Unnecessary leveling up

@sighingsorvid said, “I'm getting tired of RPG mechanics being shoehorned into games that don't need them. Why do I need to level up in Trials Rising? I just want the tracks. Gaining experience points to access them killed the late game stone dead.”

Breakable weapons

@EllieMoooo shared, “Weapons that break. Looking at you Breath of the Wild and Fallout 76.”

Mundane tasks

@bengreen124 responded, “Having to eat food or feed animals. Just makes it feel like a chore.”

Time-consuming challenges

@vasiatolou replied, “Anything that takes time and control away for the sake of “challenge,” and puts me in a die/repeat cycle. Permadeath, tower/NPC defense, and such. My time is limited, I want to make progress and be entertained when I dedicate it. Some find gameplay challenges entertaining. I don't.”

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