Worst Jobs for Introverts To Avoid as a Career

Being an introvert is never easy in the society that we live in. Here are the worst jobs for introverts to avoid when choosing a life path.

Unless you express yourself, people can judge you in the wrong ways. But more than that, it kills any sort of confidence in you. Especially when you look at the world around you and how much fun it is having, it makes you feel extremely disappointed with yourself. It's a very tacky way to live life anyway. Most of the people try to dominate the introverted bunch. But why's that so? Because if you don't talk much, it is also assumed that you don't have any confidence in yourself. It makes you the person who can be intimidated very easily. 

It doesn't mean that introverts don't live a quality life. In fact, people who are introverted have gone on to become really successful. Some of the best examples are Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Elon Musk. All these people have had a huge impact in their respective fields. But back in the day, it was difficult for them to communicate with anyone. They channelized their lone time to understand what they wanted from their life personally and professionally and ended up becoming the figures one for ages. 

worst careers for introverts

Worst Jobs for Introverts

However, if an introvert is not placed at the right job, it can prove to be extremely difficult for him or her to cope up with the profession. Here are some of the worst jobs for introverts:

1. Teacher

Who's a good teacher? Someone who can communicate his thoughts well. It's not important that if someone is well educated and knows everything regarding a particular subject, he would be able to communicate it in the same manner as well. In comparison, someone else might have half the knowledge but may have better communication skills to spread the information like a good teacher. An introvert finds it difficult to get the job done. It's still easier to help the students understand some normal concepts of a subject. But when you have to teach some complex chapters, it is about staying in your elements and putting them into words nicely. Now a student wouldn't be worrying about if his teacher is introvert or extrovert. All he wants is to know what he's studying and unless his teachers help him in the cause, it becomes very difficult to study. This can also lead to complaints against the teacher and he might end up losing his job. More than that, he will be disrespected by the people for not performing well at his job. It's never easy for introverts to be at their best when they are in the teaching profession so they always think twice before going for it. 

2. Lawyer

Being a lawyer isn't easy for anyone, let alone just introverts. When you have to handle some critical cases, it becomes extremely important to gather points that can favor the case to your side. But to put those points into words for the court and the jury to understand is even more difficult. It is a task in hand for extroverts as well. Just think about the mental pressure an introvert goes through while making a case file. It's either you win or you lose. If your track record in dealing with cases hasn't been good, you might not get clients anymore. What happens next? You run out of shelter, out of food, and then it becomes difficult to even survive. Nobody wants a situation where they cannot earn at all. While being a lawyer can be very much fun for extroverts, it isn't really the job for introverts by any means. 

3. Police Officer

You don't have to be the best communicator verbally in order to make a good police officer. But you have to meet people. You need to understand their behaviors in order to solve cases. Sometimes, it is your instinct regarding a particular activity that may decide in which way the case is moving. An introvert cannot think of so many things at once. He might be able to understand the bits of the case but it would be too difficult to deal with numerous cases, all coming with different scenarios and setups. How would you be able to understand the behavioral patterns of human beings being an introvert? It is definitely going to be a difficult job, one which will prove to be hard to survive for any introvert out there. It might seem like a larger-than-life thing on paper but being a police officer is an extremely tough job. To stop the crime from happening in your particular area is itself a mammoth task. The degree of crime is going to change time & again. Introverts are mostly not ready for extreme conditions such as a serious crime scene. Sometimes, dangerous criminals need to testify in court, and to bring him there, you might have to risk your life as well. Definitely not a job for people fearful of little things! 

4. Event Planner

An event planner is a job with a lot of scopes. If you can deal with things nicely and you're ready to work hard, you wouldn't be able to make money like an event planner through any other job. But being an introvert, things might just be more than difficult. When you're someone who is not very communicative, you find it hard to even manage your own stuff. But when you hold an event, it is going to be extremely challenging even if you do so at a very small scale. You have to deal with people and you need to manage them nicely. If you go wrong at some step, it might totally put the entire event down. An event is not supposed to be about just one person, it is definitely a group activity. But you have to know how to group together with people. It's not something that comes very naturally to you so if you're thinking of trying to manage shows and stuff being an introvert, you should give it a second thought. In case you love to challenge yourself at every step of the way, try to go for it. 

5. Calling Center

It's not easy to be a part of the calling center. In most cases, it is either the day shift or the night shift for the people working there. But you have to work out consistently over a period of time. It might also be the case that you barely get rest of two minutes while working. You have to attend calls time and again, listen to grievances and then find a solution to them. You need to make an impact and if you don't, the customer will feel dissatisfied. If there are no results in a job like calling center straightway, you might even end up becoming unemployed. For an introvert, this job is too much to handle. You have to talk and talk and just go on doing the same stuff. You cannot be uncomfortable for a moment as it can really be dissatisfying for the customer and he might end up quitting the call. Your work is analyzed time and again by the company you're working for which makes things even worse. Surely it's not a cup of tea for someone not really confident regarding his communication skills. 

6. Waiter/Waitress

You might be thinking of being a waiter actually requires any sort of talking in the first place. You just have to repeat the same things over & over again to all the customers. It might start with “what would you like to have sir/mam?” and end up with “thanks for visiting our restaurant” and you can say the very same thing to all the people visiting the place. But you have to serve them nicely. The body language, the way you ask for the orders and give them gratitude for visiting your place all take some sort of confidence in you. An introvert would always be worrying about if he's looking nice or he's sounding decent. Sometimes, if you mistakenly give one order to someone else it can lead to furious customers or the management itself. There's no scope for an error here. When you place the order at the table, it needs to be presented smoothly without troubling customers in any sense. Is it easy to do so? It might seem to be easy but there's nothing so simple about a job like a waiter or a waitress. 

7. Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers have got a lot of responsibilities as well. It's about safely driving the car and helping passengers reach their desired location. The loading and unloading of stuff have to play a part as well. But can you be a boring driver really? Just imagine yourself being one of the guys sitting in a taxi. What would you like to have? You would want a safe drive, of course, that being your priority. Other than that, you might be looking for something in terms of entertainment. Especially when you're going for a long drive, it's a must to make that happen. Now if it is a couple of passengers who know each other very well, it becomes rather easier. But if you're a taxi driver and you want to probably help the same customer reach out to you all over again, you should be providing them a reason as well. Talking to them, playing the right kind of music are some of the things you can do. But if you're an introvert, you wouldn't know what kind of song you would like to play. If you want to talk, you don't know what else to talk about apart from the weather conditions. 

8. Psychiatrist

One of the toughest jobs in the world is to be a psychiatrist. While most of the other professions might require you to focus on practical things, being a psychiatrist is distant from anything like being a doctor or an engineer. Especially in this day and age where mental health problems are increasing, you have to be at your level best every step of the way in order to be effective at your job. It's almost impossible to see an introverted person as a psychiatrist. How would someone who is really underconfident about himself reach out to people and ooze confidence into them? It's a really tough job for sure. When you sit with your patients during a session, you need to look beyond what they are talking about. You need to understand what they are thinking inside their mind and how they are physically representing what is going on inside them. You need to make a report regarding it and understand how you could turn it around for a particular person so that he thinks positively about his life. Hats off to those who are not very communicative yet have made a great profession as a psychiatrist. 

9. Manager

Being a manager is not an easy job by any means. Especially if you're doing so at a big company that has a huge number of employees, it becomes an even bigger deal. It's not just about the people working in the Organisation. It is also regarding the finances, the marketing, the raw material, and stuff. Everything needs to be managed well. Although there are people working at different levels for different traits in an organization, it's still a really tough job to handle either of them. An introvert finds it difficult to help all the employees come on the same page. He's not able to convince all of them regarding what should be done and what can be ignored. To be honest, someone who's not effectively communicative is not treated by the rest of the people around him. When you're at a job such as a manager, there's a lot of responsibility lying on your shoulders. It's a weight which is too much to carry on. So if you're an introvert, you should definitely try to avoid a job such as a manager. You wouldn't be able to manage all the burden that will come with the job! 

10. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant has to be very charming with his or her words. In most cases, it is a female who is chosen for the job. But you have to look at the worst possible scenarios for yourself. There are times when you face some really terrible situations during flights such as an airplane not having a safe landing. That's when all the passengers might get panicked and if any one of those is a heart patient, it can really bring up worse circumstances. The job of a flight attendant is to calm down all of his or her passengers and let them understand that if there's some problem going on, it is going to be all okay and no one has to worry about anything. You have to get that confidence in yourself no matter what the situation is. You need to be able to solve the problems of your passengers quickly and satisfy them to the maximum extent. These are some of the features that can make you a great flight attendant but it is very difficult to be able to face the crisis when you are an introvert. 

11. Hotel Receptionist

When you're a hotel receptionist, you have got a lot of things to do. You need to know all the people who are checking into the hotel. You have to see when they will check out as well. If they require anything at any point, it has to be provided to them within a given period of time. It's all okay if you're a receptionist at a hotel that doesn't have a large scope. But if it's some big hotel you're working on, you have got to do your things without really wasting any time. There's a lot of confusion that goes around in your mind regarding what you should be doing at a particular point. Although you just have to deal with the customers and them getting in and going out, it can really be extremely difficult if you are an introvert. You cannot satisfy them all if you cannot communicate nicely with them. It can be an uncomfortable situation with a lot of people if they are not easy to deal with. Moreover, you might get in trouble in case any of the customers doesn't like your services. They can review it anytime thanks to the technology today and it wouldn't be okay for you if it's filled with only negative stuff. 

Conclusion: Bad Jobs for Introverts

Being an introvert is anyway very difficult in the society we live in. You cannot satisfy everyone out there but there's barely anyone who would want to hang out with you. It can lead to serious struggle within as you start questioning your own personality. It is fine being an introvert, there's nothing wrong about it. You can do so much being someone who cannot communicate anything in the verbal sense. But don't go for any of the professions we have listed above, you don't want to reach that place where it's extremely difficult to cope up with your profession for sure!