12 Worst Parts About Being a Woman in 2023

As much as we love to argue the narrative, women still suffer the brunt of society's worst. From constantly fearing an attack or theft, as they are seen as easy prey, to objectification and profiling, they have it as bad as Usher sang.

It's not a crime to be a woman, and these 12 things must be addressed if society truly strives for a gender balance and safe environment for all. 

1. The Period Blames

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This one makes me scream and wish men could experience periods at least once a year so that they could see what a period is like and know that some things could never be as a result of menstruation. 

Anaemia is as common an illness as any other. However, when a woman speaks on that kind of medical issue, folks often think it has something to do with the woman's period. Women suffer medical problems, too, and not everything is because of her period. 

2. Stranger Danger

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Most women have “stranger danger” ringing in their heads when they walk alone, especially at night. Growing up, I was never allowed to leave the house at night, while my brothers could stay out as long as they wanted. Women need a society where they can feel as safe as men to take solo walks or go out when they like. 

3. Everything Is an Argument

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“Everything I say lately is an argument,” one contributor says. I can't have any opinions without it getting brought back to feminism and man-hating. My own experiences are argued against. It's exhausting.”

I've experienced this firsthand when my opinions were nothing more than “feminist views” in an important debate — it is exhausting. 

4. Sexism

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Sexism is one of the worst things about being a woman, especially in the workplace. Some women work in male-dominated fields; they constantly complain about the sexism they face.

Some who can't handle it any longer are forced to change fields. No one should have to give up their dream job or life unless they want to. 

5. Entitled Men

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Unfortunately, four out of five women meet men daily that act superior to them and, in so being, feel they own a part or all of them. Some men are unashamedly entitled and predatory and see nothing wrong in their actions.

One of the worst parts about being a woman is constantly having to fight back the urge to punch men like those in the face. 

6. Hijab Penalty

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One contributor points out one terrible thing in society. They can brutally murder a woman in Islamic states for not wearing the hijab correctly, and nobody, not even the protestors in that country, can do anything about it. 

People try to downplay it by saying, “Oh, but you have to follow the rules in an Islamic country.” But brutality is never the answer.

7. Women Medical Studies

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It's heartbreaking that women's medical research is still lacking in 2023. Studies show that many medical practitioners put female medical research on the back burner and don't give enough attention to illnesses and disabilities regarding the female body. It's as though their pain is irrelevant. 

8. Abortion Rights

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The decision to overturn Roe v Wade deeply affects every woman and her ability to make choices about their own body. It's incredibly frustrating to see our progress in the fight for reproductive rights undone in a single decision.

Access to safe and legal abortion is essential to women's autonomy and gender equality, and its removal is a huge setback.

9. No More Mrs Nice Guy

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Here's a hot take: Women can be nice to you without hitting on you. It's true. We can be nice to be friendly without being attracted to you. It may seem crazy, but it's true.

Some women pretend to be less kind than they are because they don't want a man to think they are hitting on them — how did we get here?

10. Being a Therapist or The Mean Girl

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Most women are natural caregivers; there's no denying that. But that doesn't mean they always want to listen to everyone's problems.

Sometimes, they don't want to hear your sob story and should not be criticized or called mean for seeming “insensitive.” They have issues, too, and that they can't be your therapist doesn't make them bad.  

11. Body Rules 

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The rules don't have to change depending on gender. If a man can dress as he wants, get as many tattoos, and spend long nights out having fun, women should be able to do so. Other people, especially men, must stop dictating what a woman should or should not do.  

12. Pregnancy Expectations

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It's frustrating to be expected to maintain the same mental and physical capacity at work while pregnant as when you are not.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and challenging experience, but it can take a toll on the body and mind. That a woman should be able to perform the same way she did before is unrealistic and unfair.

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