12 of The Worst Pick Up Lines People Have Ever Heard

A pick-up line is an art form that comes with either reward, indifference, or consequence — if you get it wrong. A recent online post asks people to share the worst pick-up lines they have ever heard. Here are some examples of how to be a hopeless romantic!

1. Love at Second Glance?

Repelled Woman
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“Sweet, here's one that doesn't work,” suggests a hopeless romantic. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want me to walk by you again?” This one sets the bar high — or low: depending on how you see it.

2. Flattery of The Lowest Order

Offended Woman
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“Besides being beautiful, what else do you do for a living?” is the next suggestion in the thread. While the compliment on being beautiful may break the ice, the freeze will soon set in with that awful punchline.

3. Old-School Schmoozing

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“You're attractive, and I'm attractive,” suggests another member. “We should do the world a favor and go out on a date.” The first half of the first part may work, but the world savior part wrapped in a suggestion is somewhat weak.

4. Threat-Level: High

Annoying Man
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“You look so good I just wanna chop you up and put you in my sandwich,” is our next cringe comment — and by cringe, I mean you brace yourself for some flashing blue lights-level cringe. This suspicion is confirmed when the commenter shares that they never saw someone run away so fast. He actually used it!

5. Reverse Psychology

Speaking The Truth
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By insulting your love interest, you risk alienating them. However, one gentleman felt brave enough to try. “You look like trash,” says the man. “Let me take you out.” One might think women would recoil at such obnoxious language. However, the poster reveals this line found him his current wife.

6. Short-Man Smoothness

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For those vertically challenged among us, a woman recalls a terrible line that a short suitor used that still makes her chuckle to this day. “We're all the same height lying down,” says the commenter. He wasn't wrong, though!

7. Flippant Gallantry

Exhausted Woman
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“Are you a fire alarm?” is our next suggestion from a comedian. “Because you're really loud and annoying.” While I applaud the wit, I am not sure this is even a pick-up line. I call foul; you are disqualified, sir.

8. Deliverance Vibes

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“You look just like my sister,” proposes a charming gentleman (or woman – who knows?). This line must win the “worst pick-up line” award. However, if your sister happens to be a famous model or actress, you never know.

9. Confusing but Clever

Confused Woman
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Some gentlemen find certain women's company unstimulating, and while talking about fashion and celebrities works for some guys, it won't work for most. “Girl, are you a country or place with very low, effective rates of compulsory financial charges for foreign investors?” queries another joker. “Because I find this conversation very untaxing.”

10. Pop Culture References

Man Cringing
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“Did you see the mistake in Spotify?” asks a music fan. “They didn't have you as the hot single.” One might think such an effort would not garner much success — and they would be right. Our poster reveals how, “to this day,” they still cringe at this. They used it.

11. Restraining Order

Bored Young Woman
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“Do you live around here often?” is our next suggestion. This idea lives in the same ballpark as putting someone in your sandwich and comparing them to your sister. Disclaimer: Please never attempt this pick-up line.

12. Just, No

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“Are you a noose?” asks a contributor. “Because I really want to hang out with you.” A line so tone-deaf that it uses an obsolete, slightly creepy subject and combines it with a lowball punchline. I dare anyone to try this one. Actually, please don't.

(Source: Reddit).