22 of The Worst Sitcoms of All Time. Is Your Favorite on The List?


Not every TV show is award-winning — and even the worst of them can still be enjoyable to watch. Everyone’s taste is different, but these shows are almost universally considered the worst sitcoms of all time.

1. The Nanny 

The Nanny
Image Credit: Sternin & Fraser Ink Inc..

Most people associate The Nanny with Fran Drescher’s voice. Surprisingly, her voice was not part of the argument for why this show was unsatisfactory. Instead, viewers complained that the show was unsophisticated and lacked humor.  

2. All That Glitters  

All That Glitters
Image Credit: Tandem Productions.

Although some of the complaints may be due to differing views and values, All That Glitters received a lot of criticism, some of these complaints included calling the acting mediocre and the writing flat.  

3. Buddies 

Buddies Geoff Edholm
Image Credit: ABC.

This show came about after Jim Breuer and Dave Chappelle were featured on Home Improvement. Though well-intentioned, Buddies did not receive the praise the creators hoped for. Even Dave Chappelle wasn’t proud of this one, and that’s saying something. 

4. Chicken Soup 

Jackie Mason
Image Credit: Carsey-Werner Company.

Chicken Soup was criticized for Jackie Mason’s acting and unnecessary monologues. It didn’t even pass a few episodes before it was canceled.  

5. My Big Fat Greek Life 

My Big Fat Greek Life Rita Wilson, Steven Eckholdt
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

Critics of the sitcom said that the humor and writing were weak. Others called it ordinary and bland. Nobody seemed disappointed when it was canceled after only a few episodes. 

6. Baby Talk 

Baby Talk
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures Television.

Known for being short-lived, Baby Talk was voted “the worst series on television” in 2001. Even Tony Danza and Scott Baio couldn’t save this one.  

7. Life with Lucy 

Life with Lucy Lucille Ball, Philip Amelio, Gale Gordon, Jenny Lewis
Image Credit: Aaron Spelling Productions.

Even Lucille Ball fans were disappointed with the quality of Life with Lucy. Someone said, “They should have called it ‘Afterlife’ with Lucy.” It makes sense why this show was taken off the air so soon. 

8. AfterMASH 

AfterMASH William Christopher, Jamie Farr, Harry Morgan
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Many viewers of AfterMASH hoped it would be much like its predecessor, M*A*S*H. Unfortunately, these fans of the original show noted that it wasn’t the same, ultimately leading to the show being disappointing and canceled. 

9. Ferris Bueller 

Ferris Bueller 
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is such an iconic and well-received film, but the show based on the film was sadly neither. This show was named one of the worst shows of the year by critics and debuted at the same time as another similar show, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Unfortunately, Ferris Bueller didn’t make it and was taken off the air before Parker Lewis was. 

10. The Help 

The Help
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Although the show was one of the most watched in its time slot, critics had only bad things to say about The Help. In fact, one critic noted that it “comes off like a school play, clumsily blocked, loudly acted, and nearly shouted down by obligatory laughter and applause.” 

11. Major Dad 

Major Dad Geral McRaney
Image Credit: Universal Television.

Many people have posted positive reviews of this show as they watch or re-watch it decades later. However, viewers were highly critical of the main character and his personality when the show aired.  

12. Silver Spoons 

Silver Spoons Ricky Schroder
Image Credit: Lightkeeper Productions.

There are mixed reviews for this show, depending on where you look. While some viewers thought the performances were heartfelt and touched on important topics, the show ultimately ended up being canceled after it switched to a different time slot with poor reception.  

13. Charles in Charge 

Charles in Charge Scott Baio
Image Credit: Universal Television.

Charles in Charge was ultimately canceled due to low ratings, but it had highly mixed reviews during its time on the air. Some viewers called the show wholesome and noted that it was a good comedy, while others complained that it was “moronic, predictable, and stupid.” 

14. The Tammy Grimes Show 

The Tammy Grimes Show
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

In the 60s, canceling a show before the season ended was uncommon. Due to unfavorable ratings and criticism, the show was off the air after a month, despite having unaired episodes that had already been made. 

15. My Mother, The Car 

My Mother the Car
Image Credit: United Artists Television.

When this show aired, other shows with a supernatural theme did quite well. Sadly, TV Guide named My Mother the Car the “second-worst of all time” in 2002. Since then, there have been other shows that have earned that title.  

16. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer 

The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer Chi McBride, Lisa Hoover
Image Credit: Paramount Network Television.

This show has a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was called “juvenile, obscene, and overtly outrageous.” by one critic. Another said, “At first glance, what’s most surprising is how afraid it is of its premise.” It was hard to find even one review supporting this show.  

17. Hello, Larry 

Hello, Larry Joanna Gleason, George Memmoli, McLean Stevenson
Image Credit: T.A.T. Communications Company.

Don’t mistake longevity for an acknowledgment of quality. Hello, Larry was on the air for about two seasons, despite receiving abysmal reviews. This show also made TV Guide’s worst shows of all time list in 2002.  

18. Baby Bob 

Baby Bob
Image Credit: Viacom Productions.

Shows featuring talking babies are not uncommon now, but at the time, Baby Bob was named one of the worst TV shows of all time by TV Guide. It started with strong ratings, which quickly took a turn for the worse.  

19. Casablanca 

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Following the classic film of the same name, the TV show was not well-received. Many people felt it was a disastrous attempt to follow up a silver-screen success with a sitcom, which is rarely a good choice.  

20. Baywatch 

Baywatch (1989)
Image Credit: Pearson Television.

Viewers must have been hoping that the show would offer something more than just women in bathing suits because NBC canceled it after one season due to low ratings. They could not justify keeping it on the air with high production expenses. It was revived for the syndication market, however. 

21. One of the Boys 

One of the Boys
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures Television Release.

Although it featured some incredible actors — namely Nathan Lane, Dana Carvey, and Mickey Rooney, this show was quite disappointing. A featured review of the show said it was “surprisingly bland considering the cast.” It only lasted one season. 

22. Out of This World 

Out of This World Maureen Flannigan, Donna Pescow
Image Credit: Bob Booker Productions.

This sitcom had a lot of promise and was based on an exciting storyline: a girl discovers she is half-alien. Sadly, this show received mostly negative reviews, and it was even said to be “quite possibly the worst sitcom ever made — it’s a complete failure on every level.” 

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