Football Season’s Least Desirable Brews: Beers You Might Want To Skip

It's never been a better time to be a beer fan in America. Yet, while new breweries seem to open every day, not every beer tastes great. While it's fun to talk about the best-tasting beers in the world, sometimes it's more enjoyable to discuss the beers that deserve to be poured down the drain. Recently, beer drinkers converged in an online discussion to uncover the worst of the worst!

1. Milwaukee's Best

Milwaukee's Best Beer
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A staple of poor college kids trying to salvage a Friday night on campus, Milwaukee's Best – or “Beast,” as many refer to it – brings me back to the days of suffering through some seriously retched brews. If this beer truly represents the best of Milwaukee, I shudder to think what represents their worst.

2. Any Pumpkin-Flavored Beer

Pumpkin beer
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Why are seemingly all beverage companies obsessed with pumpkin flavoring during the fall months? Many drinkers lament that this trend has crossed over into the beer world. Countless people believe that pumpkin spice is a decent flavor to add to a coffee but not to an ice-cold beer. Yuck.

3. Coors Light

Coors Light
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Coors Light is synonymous with many things. From professional football to the Rocky Mountains, it is one of the first beers that come to mind for American consumers. But, unfortunately, not everyone is a fan. 

4. Budweiser

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Even though Budweiser is extremely popular in the United States, many don't enjoy drinking it because it was often their first introduction to beer. Take me, for example. My first sip of beer came from a warm Budweiser can, and even to this day, I can't bring myself to drink one. The same can be said for Bud Light, too.

5. Heineken

Heineken beer
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The brewing process of Heineken is complicated, so quality control is not a hallmark of the brewery. As a result, many beer drinkers report that they don't enjoy the taste of the beer at all, despite the company's massive worldwide success. “I've always hated the taste of Heineken,” confesses one man.

6. Icehouse

People bringing beer glasses together to celebrate
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Another relic from many drinkers' college years, Icehouse has a reputation for being a bottom-of-the-barrel beverage in terms of quality. So if you attended college in the Midwest and Bud Light was just too expensive for you, Icehouse took up a permanent spot in your refrigerator.

7. Rolling Rock

Rolling Rock
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To some people, Rolling Rock is even worse-tasting than beers like Icehouse. Someone in the forum called this beer undrinkable. 

8. Kirkland Light

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While it's common to dislike a beer's taste, it's increasingly rare to hate a specific beer so much that you throw out an entire case in disgust! And that's exactly what one commenter did. 

9. Pabst Blue Ribbon

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The unofficial beer of hipsters nationwide, countless people believe that Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) is nothing more than cheaply-made swill enjoyed by elderly mechanics and ironic college students. PBR's popularity confounds a lot of people in America.

10. Iron City

People bringing beer glasses together to celebrate
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Proudly brewed in Pittsburgh, suffering through a can of Iron City is a rite of passage for many college students in western Pennsylvania. Unsurprisingly, plenty of people equate drinking this beer with vomiting and having the worst hangovers the next day. I've drank Iron City before, and I can confirm that this beer is the pits.

11. Any India Pale Ale

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While the craft beer boom of the 21st century brought India Pale Ales (IPAs) to the forefront of American beer drinkers' consciousness, it still has plenty of detractors due to its unique taste. Countless people express dismay over the overly-hopped and bold flavor profile that defines IPA, especially older drinkers.

Source: Reddit.