The Ugly Side of Veganism: 11 Reasons Why It’s Not Easy Being Green

Someone recently vented about the difficulties of being vegan, which was interesting. They said, “Honestly, I can 100% deal with not having foods I used to enjoy and less convenience when eating out. However, the annoying comments and attitudes from non-vegans really get to me. What is hard for you?”

Here are the top-voted responses from other vegans online.

1. Non-Vegans Justifying and Lying

“I'm not sure what's worse – being gaslit by non-vegans that their decisions are justified and being vegan is somehow not. Or, being told by a non-vegan due to their cognitive dissonance that they've cut back on their meat/animal-product consumption, knowing full well that they have not. Both are dishonest, one by irrationality and one by shame,” shared one.

2. People Informing Others That I'm Vegan

“Every few days at work, I have a coworker who mentions to someone for no reason that I'm vegetarian,” shared one. “First, no, screw vegetarians, and two, find a hobby. Why is my existence as someone who respects animals such a colossal story?”

“I think it's strange that my coworkers talk more about me not eating meat than I do. I try not to be preachy, but if someone wants to bring up veganism, I'll explain how I feel about it—but going to work every day and hearing some comment about malnourishment or eating carrots does get old,” another agreed.

3. Plant-Based Dieters Calling Themselves Vegan

One user said, “If I join a vegan group, it's because I want to be around people who view animals the same way I do, and most often because I want to find out about activism I can participate in. So, for example, I don't have an issue with people who eat a plant-based diet for health issues (I support plant-based diets for any reason).”

“Still, if they don't care about animals, then I don't think they should call themselves vegan because it's misleading to others and misrepresents the movement.”

Another agreed, “I support plant-based diets for any reason. However, regarding veganism, I believe there needs to be a united front and consistency for the sake of the animals. We must ensure that vegan continues to mean NO animal cruelty or use at any point. If we give people and more companies an inch to start tweaking what it means to be vegan, they'll take a mile, and the animals will pay for it.”

4. Dealing With Other Vegans

“Having to deal with other vegans is annoying too because we all are vegan for different reasons, and we like to invalidate others,” shared one. “Being vegan is not for the weak, that is for sure. Of course, everyone will hate you, but that's fine.”

5. Traveling

“Yes. Ugh. Traveling with family is even worse. I'm currently on a trip with my family, and they act like the fact that I can't eat anything at all the burger joints they want to go to is such a huge inconvenience. So I ate French fries for dinner tonight. I'm not sure I want to go on a trip with them again soon,” another confessed.

“I think it's the lack of food options when I'm hungry while out and about. Can't just drop by McDonald's or Tim Hortons for anything satisfying, and not everywhere has vegan restaurants.”

6. Meat-Eaters Bragging About It

“YES, or when people rub in your face that they eat meat,” said one. “They look so stupid when doing that, but it still hurts just because I have different eating habits. Should I be ridiculed?”

Another admitted that they stopped talking to most of their family after they continued sharing offensive memes about their lifestyle choice on social media in a taunting manner.

7. The Salad Assumptions

Someone shared, “They make only salads or say vegan food is grass or something like that. The food I eat is 1000x more complex and delicious than anything they make. It's so insulting. Like, what do you eat every night? Spaghetti? I had pumpkin curry with homemade naan last night, which took me hours to make. I promise it's not grass, but okay.”

8. People Explaining Why They Could Never Be Vegan

“And the ‘I can NEVERRRRR be vegan' when most vegans said the same nonsense and were addicted to dairy but finally converted. Just annoying,” said one.

Another admitted, “When I was vegetarian for a couple of months, I said I could NEVER go vegan because I love cheese. So embarrassing. The idea of ever eating cheese, dairy, or animal products grosses me out so much for all the obvious reasons.”

9. Not Being Invited

“For me, it's not being invited to dinner parties because it's too difficult to cook two meals at once. So I get it, I do, but it does make me sad,” one vegan shared.

10. Family

“I've been a vegan for two years,” one explained. “My parents won't eat a home-cooked meal by us. At this point, I'm pretty much done with other people. My choice to be vegan has created so many wedges between my family and me.”

“It's tricky, especially when going to family events, and you realize no one made any food for you. It feels so neglectful, like they forgot you existed. And then you j have to sit there and watch as everyone eats such a nice meal while you're eating chips or almonds,” someone expressed.

11. Holidays

One person shared, “My aunt cornered me in the kitchen on Thanksgiving as I was warming up my Tofurkey to tell me how she feels so bad for the animals, but they taste so good. Ugh.”

“One time, my aunt told me, ‘the family won't hold it against you for not eating meat.' At Thanksgiving. Okay, great, but I'm holding it against you for eating dead birds, you weirdos.”

We hope you enjoyed the list of the worst things about being vegan today.

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