Warning: These Stories Will Make You Never Want to Go Barefoot Again

What is the worst thing you have ever stepped on or barefoot? Sadly, I've stepped on several items on this list. However, one that didn't make it is these things called goatheads in the California desert. They are these tiny little spiky spores.

I swear that you will drop to your knees instantly after stepping on one, and they will even poke you through flip-flops. They are worse than stepping on a Lego, which is saying a lot. So here are the top-voted answers to the question, “What is the worst thing you have ever stepped on or barefoot?

1. Porcupine


One person shared a unique experience, “So I went to the Kruger national park in South Africa. So for those who don't know, it's the biggest national park in South Africa, so I wore slippers instead of shoes for the wildlife guide. My slipper chose the best time to break.”

“I had to walk barefoot, and hiding in the sand was a small Porcupine I had seven quills digging into my foot, the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, and no, I did not take it like a man. Instead, I screamed like a little girl 1/10 would not recommend.” Ouch. 

2. A Bee


“A dead bee. Like really. I got stung by walking on a dead bee,” one person shared. “Same,” said another, “Haha. I did it on purpose, but I didn't think it still had its stinger because it was dead. I was like eight.”

3. Upside Down Electrical 3-Pin Plug

3 pronged plug

“I'm from the UK, can confirm,” one person confessed. Another admitted, “I jumped off a top bunk bed onto one of them as a child, and it hurt like hell.” Finally, a third offered “Thoughts and prayers.”

4. Live Frog


One person shared, “I was getting ready for a late-night shower and stepped on a live frog. I have a huge phobia of frogs and a massive, sobbing, shaking panic attack afterward. It played dead for ten minutes and then got up and hopped away, which made it worse.”

5. A Metal D4 (Four Sided Die)

metal d4 die

Okay, I had to Google what a metal D4 is, and it's a 4-sided die for gameplay. So essentially, it's stepping on a pointy pyramid. One user admitted, “Yes. It drew blood.” Another said, “Yeah, people who think Legos are the worst to step on have never done this.”

6. Mouse


Anyone who is a cat owner has likely experienced the bringing of decapitated mice and bird bits. It's an unpleasant discovery, although I'm grateful never to have stepped on one. Unlike one user who said, “Decapitated mouse, not Mickey. Thanks, cat. I never did find the head.” Another admitted, “Oh, for me, it was a cockroach the cat had half-killed.” No, thank you to both.

7. Dog Turd

dog poop

“I stepped on a dog turd my puppy left on the stairs. Not only did I step on it, but it flew down the stairs and hit a wall, resulting in more cleanup than was initially necessary,” stated one user. Many agreed until one expressed, “You have never truly lived until you feel a dog turd squish between your toes.”

8. Hot Vomit

dog vomit

Okay, this is an icky one but a shared experience. Many users agreed that the warm temperature of the vomit makes it worse than it being cold. One person stated, “Oh, I never stepped in fresh vomit, but I have stepped in overnight vomit. I still would not recommend it.” Another added that cat puke is also a disgusting barefoot experience. I can confirm; yuck.

9. A Slug


“A slug. It was slimy. The worst part was how hard it was to get all the slime off. Way stickier than expected. 0/10,” one user expressed. “I came here to say this. It was an enormous slug. I thought it was gross, so I stuck my foot in the sink to wash it off.”

“I didn't know that slug slime is just mucus, and if you know anything about mucus water and skin, you know that made it impossible to get the slug off me,” another agreed.

10. Rusty Nail

rusty nails

“Rusty nail. I can still visualize myself looking down at the wound as a kid and being fascinated that there was a hole in my foot,” one person shared. Several people shared their own rusty nail stories before one made us laugh, quoting Homer Simpson, “Fiddle Dee Dee. That will require a tetanus shot.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of the worst things people have steeped in or on barefoot. Also, check out these Netflix shows that are awesome, complete, and weren't canceled.

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