Footloose Fables: 16 Stories That Could Change Your Perspective on Going Barefoot

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What is the worst thing you have ever stepped on? Sadly, I've stepped on several items on this list. People on an online forum shared some terrible things they've stepped on over the years. With any luck, this post will make you think twice before ever going barefoot.

1. Legos

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Stepping on a Lego has to be at the top of the list. Have you ever known a more unique and terrible pain? They're fun to play with, but those little bricks must be some of the most painful toys known to man. 

2. Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
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Stepping on a hedgehog could not be fun. Not even for Dr. Eggman himself! Plus, you have the additional worry of hurting the animal on top of that. Sadly, one commenter dealt with this harrowing experience. 

3. A Baby Bird

Bird Bathing
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Stepping on a baby bird isn't that rare because they can be hard to spot when you're walking quickly. Aw, the poor little guy. 

4. A Belt Buckle

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Stepping on a belt buckle, especially the kind that could poke through the bottom of your foot, is a common occurrence. Can you imagine how painful that must be? What an embarrassing emergency room trip.

5. Porcupine

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A user shared that they once stepped on a porcupine at Kruger National Park in South Africa. It's one of the continent's largest parks, and many people wear slippers to get around there. However, if the slipper breaks, the only choice is to go on barefoot. Yikes!

6. A Bee

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Stepping on bees is a common occurrence. Just to let you know, they can still sting you when they are dead. They still have their stingers (obviously), and if you get it lodged in your foot, you'll get to experience uniquely painful venom. 

7. Upside Down Electrical 3-Pin Plug

Universal travel plug
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Stepping on one of those three-pronged plugs has got to hurt! One user from the UK, where these plugs are standard, shared they jumped off a top bunk bed onto one as a child. They still have a scar. 

8. Live Frog

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Ribbet, ribbet! Several people have stepped on frogs, and not even as a pretend joke. One person shared they were getting ready for a late-night shower and stepped on a live frog. They had a huge phobia of frogs and wound up having a panic attack afterward.

Don't worry about our little green friend: he played dead for ten minutes and then got up and hopped away. 

9. A Metal D4 (Four Sided Die)

Cleric's Shadow Domain Red/White And Matte Black Metal Dice Set
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According to Google, a D4 is a 4-sided die for gameplay (DND, anyone?). So essentially, it's stepping on a pointy pyramid. One user admitted their die drew blood when they stepped on it. 

10. A Mouse

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Anyone who is a cat owner has likely experienced a gift of decapitated mice or bird bits. It's an unpleasant discovery, although I'm grateful never to have stepped on one- unlike one user who said they stepped on a decapitated mouse, a gift from their cat. 

11. Dog Droppings 

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Have you ever been walking along and stepped in dog droppings? You're not alone. You haven't truly raised a puppy until you've experienced this unpleasant milestone. 

12. Hot Vomit

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Okay, this is an icky one, but it's also a shared experience. Many users agreed that the warm temperature of the vomit makes it worse than it being cold. Another added that cat puke is also a disgusting barefoot experience. I can confirm – yuck.

13. A Slug

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What is it like to step on a slug? Yucky. Thanks to the slug's membrane, users shared they had a difficult time with the cleanup afterward. 

14. Rusty Nail

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This is my nightmare. Get your shots, people! Stepping on a nail, especially a rusty one, can be dangerous. Several people shared their own rusty nail stories, making me a little more paranoid. To quote Homer Simpson, “Fiddle Dee Dee. That will require a tetanus shot.”

Source: Reddit.

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