Write App Reviews Review – Scam or Legit?

In this post you are going to learn about Write App.

This Write App review will cover everything there is to know about the site.

So if you are wondering whether Write App is legit then this site is for you.

I am a video game enthusiast. For the past year or so, I have been able to play most of the games I wanted free of charge in the name of testing them out.

With time, it became a bit boring since it consumed a lot of my time and I needed to make more money.

It was at that moment that a thought struck me.

There must be a way for you to earn money testing games.

I embarked on a journey to find a website that could get me paid if I tested out their games.

In my long hours on the internet blogging, I finally found a website that offered me the opportunity to get paid doing what I loved.

With time I realized I had made a mistake joining this website.

The site is known as Write Apps review. After losing some money and making nothing close to what I had paid in the beginning, I have decided to share my experience with you regarding this site.


What is Write apps reviews?

This is a website that helps users make money by testing out new applications on mobile devices.

The home page of the site gives you a chance to login and create a new account with them.

The site includes the three steps through which its users make money:

1. Choose an app to test.

Here, you have the opportunity to select an app from their database that you can download and test on your phone or tablet.


2. Write about it.

Here, you are required to give an honest opinion of the app on your write app reviews app website.

This requires you to write a detailed account of how the app works and what changes can be made to it in order for you to use it properly.


3. Make money.

After the steps above are completed, the theory is that you will make money.

Think of it like testing out a new game. For example, when EA sports is set to release another FIFA game, they hire a group of gamers to test out the games in all its various aspects in order to deliver an almost perfect final product.

However, in this case the applications have already been made or upgraded.

There are very many applications on the site that you can download and review on your own discretion.

You just need to use it yourself and see how any changes made to it might have affected it operationally.

Since you are dealing with the aspect of making reviews, you do not have to have any kind of formal training for you to actually do it.

The only thing you are required to do is to formulate an opinion. And – this is something most of us do daily on social media.


How does write apps review work?


For a new subscriber, there are certain steps you would have to follow for you to earn some money reviewing apps. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site.

ClickBank is an affiliate network known for being home to thousands of digital products like eBooks, videos and software.

They are basically middlemen between product vendors and affiliates.

Since the write app review website is set up using ClickBank’s system, you have to create an account with them.

This will come in after you are done setting up your site with write app reviews.

The account you create with ClickBank is an affiliate account.

The ones I have listed below will help you get setup on the site.

1. Setup your app review website.

As soon as you access the site, you will have the option of creating an account.

When you get this account, it will be like having a personal site on which you get to write your reviews.

The site you have created does not need any designing or hosting.

You can use it for signups, advertisements, and downloads through which you stand to earn some money.


2. Test apps and write reviews.

After you have created your site, you will be able to access a database of apps from which you can choose what you want to download and test.

The mode of operation is to download an app, start using it and then write a review about it.

Since most of these apps are designed for use on mobile devices, you can add it to your phone and tablet.


3. Earn money.

This is what you are trying to get at from the start.

The steps above must be completed for you to genuinely have a chance to get something back into your pockets.

When the site is setup, the work begins and thus the earnings.

The site is setup like those of affiliate marketers. In this way, the ways you can earn money from this site may not be so different from the methods of affiliate marketing.

There are several ways you can earn money off this site.

1. Banners.

After you register you site, there will be banners displayed on your home page.

In this case, the banners displayed on your page will have your ClickBank ID.

Whenever people go to your site and click on the banners, you stand to earn some money from every click.


2. App downloads.

Since this is an app review site, most app developers will want the app testers to give positive reviews.

Whenever you give a positive review, the readers will want to use the product that you say is better than others.

This gives leeway into app downloads from your site. However, for every app download button on your site, your ClickBank ID will be displayed.

This means that whenever a user clicks in the app download button which has your ClickBank ID, you will be recognized in the ClickBank system. For every click, there is money to be made.


3. Email sign ups.

There are email lists on the site of every user on the write app review site.

I think this is attributed to the fact they are working with an affiliate network.

So for every sign up, you stand to earn some money.

When users on your site perform the three activities mentioned above, you can get paid.

It is similar to affiliate marketing in a way. The banners, email sign up lists and app download buttons will be displayed on your site in a move to redirect users to ClickBank.

When someone purchases items from your links, you receive a commission.

All I have talked about above means that the only way to make money on this site is by running traffic to your site.

The idea behind publishing those app reviews is to get them ranked in Google for specific keywords such as the app’s name and the review in order for you to get traffic to your site.

Google is competitive in a way that people need to know the basics of search engine optimization which is not something you will learn on this site.

I have mentioned it a lot on this site but you need to know that it is that important in blogging.


Can you make money with Write app reviews?

Yes, you can. The website has the option of paying you for every person that purchases a product using a banner displayed on your site.

However, the face value of things can be misleading. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will make money.

This is because your reviews do not generate cash, but it’s the sales made using your links that do.

As someone that does a lot of blogging, the trick to making money through affiliate marketing is the traffic you can get to your site.

My issue with this is that you cannot design your website in a way that you deem fit.

The templates have already been made for you so you just have to find a way to be unique out of all the users on the write app review site.

That said, a new user would need guidance on how to use search engine optimization techniques on your website.

Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO is the process of taking steps to establish a website or piece of content rank higher on Google.

SEO means taking a piece of online content and optimizing it so search engines like Google show it towards the top of the page when someone searches for something.

In this case, if someone types “WhatsApp GB” into Google, they are likely looking to download the application and maybe see how it differs from the regular WhatsApp.

If you wrote an article about how WhatsApp GB works, you would want people to find this description on your website.

For someone to find it on your website, you need to rank above all the other websites with the same type of article on WhatsApp GB.

It is not so easy and more often than not requires some bit of training.

You can even find service providers that will do it for you at a certain price.

My point here is that you would have to train yourself in order to learn and benefit from this website.

All the ways you stand to make money depend on how many people log on to your site and click on it.

The easiest way for you to do this is through Google SEO.


Write app reviews pros.

This site shows some promise because it has been able to fulfill on a few fronts for its users.

1. It is a very cheap product that is covered by ClickBank money back guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover any upsells that you may have purchased in addition to the basic payment.


2. When you sign up with the site, you get a cool website for reviewing apps.

This is how you stand to make money using the site.


3. They give you training material as they guide you step by step in order for you to learn what you are going to do and how.


4. It is relatively cheap.

The write reviews app only costs about $27 that is backed up by the 60- day refund policy.


5. You have the opportunity to make money using your mobile device.

This is a plus since we occasionally waste a lot of time on social media. This could be a great plan of making some money on the side.


Write app review complaints

There have been many complaints about this site wherever you go.

The fact that old timers in the industry had seen other companies similar to this makes you wonder about the legitimacy of the application.

This product is still relatively new. However, the following issues are engraved in its name.

1. The product is designed to make money for the owner via upsells.

Since you do not get any training on how to actually drive people to your site, you are constantly fronted upsells that do not actually help you earn some money.


2. There is literally no way for the system to work without generating traffic to your site.

The team at Write App reviews does not give you any training regarding search engine optimization (SEO) that is essential in generating leads to you.


3. Since you are dealing with new apps, there is a possibility that you can encounter malicious software when you download numerous applications on your mobile device.

This is just a summary of the three most important issues dealing with this site.

They are the main drivers for my negative review of this website.


Write app review pricing

The Write app review site taxes you $27 which could rise to over $100 due to upsells.

There are no clear indications of how much the upsells cost in the beginning so you have to find the needle in the haystack and luckily I did.

You are told to pay $27 to get access to the platform. However, almost immediately, you encounter what we call upsells.

Upsells are basically products that you are forced to buy on top of your original purchase.

There are three kinds of upsells that you will encounter when using the site.

1. Express pass VIP area.

This costs about $97 and it is about getting access to a VIP area.

When you encounter this upsell, all they tell you is that you get to earn ten times more money than the other members of the write app review site.

This is a bit odd since they do not give you a clear indication of how you can make this sort of money.

This feels like another tactic for you to pay more money to the owners of the site.


2. Make 3x more money.

This costs about $57. Here, there are two products offered.

The first one is called Paid Social Media Jobs. This is a platform that shows you how to make money using other people’s social media accounts.

The second one is called Paid Online Writing Jobs. This is a platform that shows you jobs that can be done to earn money online as a writer.

The difference between this upsell and the one before is that here you are given an insight into what you should expect to earn money from.


3. DFY app reviews.

This is the last upsell on the site. It gives you instant access to 50 DFY app reviews.

This means that when you purchase it you will get access to 50 reviews downloaded to your site.

These upsells seem reasonable but if the issue is to make money, then they would not be so many upsells connected to a good idea like this.


Is the write app reviews worth it?


On paper, the idea of making money this way is brilliant. I mean other platforms do not pay users to review their applications.

Basically what you do is create an account and make some payments that allow you to review apps. Then you have to pay some money for upsells like app reviews.

The site’s core business model revolves around affiliate marketing.

It can also be a point of concern for you that the owner of this site continues to remain unknown.

The fact that you have to pay more to earn more money still bugs me.

The annoying thing about such tactics is they appeal to your imagination and often end up looping you in and taking out cash from your pockets.

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Conclusion: Is Write App Reviews Legit?

I strongly stand against this product. I have many reservations sighting the inconsistencies with the services they offer.

They do not teach you how to get people to your site yet this is the most important aspect of the site you would like to use to make money.

Since there is no way to drive traffic to your site as prescribed by the Write apps review team, I do not recommend you to use this site.

You would rather hold on to your money and teach yourself how to do affiliate marketing for you to earn some sensible money.

Do not buy a product that supposedly helps you to make money without actually showing you how to make money.

I would instead recommend the Wealthy Affiliate as the best alternative to Write App Reviews.

The Wealthy Affiliate will teach you every you need to do to make money online, step by step.

And the best part is that it is free to join. No credit card required.