Protected: WOG Writer’s Guide

Last Updated: 5/01/23

Please read all relevant sections, starting with Professional Standards.

As indicated on that page, once you have read Professional Standards and Accounting Practices, download and print out the “Professional  Standards Agreement.” Fill it out and email it back to within 72 hours of starting employment and prior to pitching or accepting any assignments with Wealth of Geeks.

If you have any questions, please direct them to @PaulRoseJr in Slack or at the above email.

Professional Standards

Accounting Practices

Our Audiences

Pitching Article Ideas

Turning in Work

Journalistic Updates

Article Guidelines:

General Guidelines for All Articles

Specific AP & News Article Guidelines

Specific Entertainment Article Guidelines

Specific Review Article Guidelines

Specific Travel Article Guidelines

Specific Foodie Article Guidelines (coming soon!)

Trending Topics Guidelines

This page covers both standard Trending Topics articles as well as those for the TCA.

The last section is for the Wealth of Geeks Editors. Writers, you can read it, and of course, if you'd like to help point the editor of your articles to images, that's fine. But Writers are not responsible for knowing anything past this line.

Entertainment Image Sourcing Guidance

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