Accounting Practices

Last Updated: 5/01/23

Until such a time as we are able to hire staff writers, nearly everyone who writes for Wealth of Geeks is a freelancer. If you are not a freelancer, please refer to the Wealth of Geeks Employee Handbook.

Freelancers are paid once a month, on or about the 20th of the month following the completion of work being invoiced.

Here are the base rates for Wealth of Geeks Articles. If you need clarification on how an article is classified, or eligible for a bonus, DM Paul and Michael.

Article Type Rate
Trending Topics Article $20
Trending Topics 10 Item Slide Show $30
Team Wonder Women Article $35
Team Wonder Women Long/SEO Article $150
Movie/TV/Book Review $75
Short Entertainment Posts/Short Lists $75
AP News 150*
SEO/Long Lists $150
Priority Projects Negotiable

 Excluding Trending Topic lists, A list of 20 items or less qualifies as a “Short List.”
Lists of 21 or more items are “Large Lists.”

Invoices should be submitted on or after the 4th day of every month for the previous month's work.

You should ONLY invoice for completed, ready-to-publish articles, at the rate agreed upon. I cannot stress this enough – we only pay for completed, submitted work. If you're turning your article in after midnight on the 31st, add that to the following month's invoice.

When you come on board with Wealth of Geeks, you will need to connect your US bank account to Lumanu. Lumanu powers payments and finances for creators and businesses. It's not just for Wealth of Geeks, but it is the system we use. Here is the invite link – this will allow you to create an account and automatically connects it to our payroll system. When you create an invoice, send it to – Michael Dinich.

** If you do not have or have access to a United States banking account, scroll down for your procedure.**

Once you connect your bank account, you can submit invoices to anyone.

Again, Wealth of Geeks pays freelancer invoices on or about the 20th of the month.

Please do not send a DM to Michael or the editors, asking “Did you get my invoice?” If you have not been paid by the end of the business day on the 20th, reach out to Paul to follow up. Do not DM Michael asking about your invoice unless specifically told to do so by Paul.


If you do not have or have access to a United States banking account, you will prepare and submit your invoices through PayPal. Anytime on or after the fourth of the month, create an invoice in PayPal, addressed to Michael has approved you to add 3% to the agreed-upon rate to cover PayPal fees. All of the other terms outlined above still apply. However, PayPal invoices may be delayed an extra day or two for processing. If you have not been paid by the 21st, reach out to Paul.

Please ensure that you understand these guidelines as posted, before proceeding to the next section.

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