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Last Updated: 5/01/23

Wealth of Geeks has expanded from two primary audiences – Geek/Pop Culture (including Video Games, Esports) and News (AP, CNN, syndicated) to cover travel, food, parenting, pets and more.

We tread a line between great, specific news stuff that appeals to AP and pop culture/geeky stuff & finance that connects with our primary audience. If your article can do both, that's even better. (We may even pay a bonus for that!) But certain topics, like sports, for example, don't connect with our readers, so they're lower on our priority list – and there are hundreds of sites out there that cover them.

Just FYI, except for Trending Topics and reaction posts, generally, our freelancers don’t cover politics or, with a few exceptions, sports. It’s decided on a case-by-case basis, but don't be surprised if we say no.

Wealth of Geeks' approach to NEWS is our articles need to provide solutions, be more timeless and have practical applications that go beyond the headline. We're not competing with CNN or MSNBC or the local news channels – we're providing more depth and, again, potential solutions – think of us more like an online 60 Minutes, for lack of a better example. More than just reporting on the news, talking about the problem — but if you have the problem, here's the answer, or at least something you can try.

See the problem – state the problem – here's a possible fix for the problem on an individual level. Keep that in mind as you pitch.

Areas of Expertise

You have all been brought on board because of your writing skills & experience in a specific area.

Ideally, if you're suited for it, we would love to have everyone all around. If you're willing, and after you have proven yourself. The fact is not everyone can write everything. So you'll start in your best area and once you've displayed your excellence, turning in at least 3 articles we can use and that require minimal edits and rewrites, you'll be allowed to experiment. If it doesn't work out, it's nothing personal, and we ask that you not take it personally. We can and will still utilize your writing in other areas.

We have set rates for articles. These are non-negotiable, but there are many times that we need something lickety-split, and may offer a financial bonus for handling that.

Please ensure that you understand these guidelines as posted, before proceeding to the next section.

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