Specific Review Article Guidelines

Last Updated: 5/29/23

In addition to the General Guidelines for All Articles, and our Specific Entertainment Article Guidelines, there are a few items that need special clarification when looking at Reviews.

Reviews should be at least 700, preferably closer to 1000. Longer is fine.

Other than the last few lines of a review, the content should be as evergreen as possible. I should be able to read a review for The Bad Guys and it’s just as relevant the day it opens in theaters as it is when it comes out on DVD or drops on Netflix.

All Review Articles end with these three lines:

  • Rating: __/10 SPECS 
  • A statement on where you can see the movie/TV Show, i.e. “in theaters July 7.” or “now streaming on Paramount+.”
  • For in-theater films: “We've got the latest on movies in theaters now.”

Please do not turn in an article without these final lines. If you do so, it will be returned to you so you can add them. Yes, it only takes a few moments to add them – which is why you can do it for your review.

Unless you are specifically instructed to by your Editor, you do not need to worry about images. If you have been given promotional images electronically, please forward them or the link to them.

If you are Rotten Tomatoes Certified, please make sure your review is appended to their site as soon as it publishes on ours or shortly thereafter.

Please ensure that you understand these guidelines as posted, before proceeding to the next section.

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