Guidelines for Relationship/SEO Pieces (WW)

  • Each piece should be 1500+ words
  • The piece heading and any H2s should be in the title text. 
  • Try to use lists. For example, instead of having a long piece called “Why men don’t want to get married anymore,” try to write one that goes “12 reasons why men don’t want to get married anymore.” The reasons can make up the points in the list. These pointers should be under an H2. The pointers should also be in H3. (See template piece below to understand. Ask Ananyaa or Nicole if you have questions).
  • Google the topic and try to have a few more (or at least the same number of) pointers than the pieces that are ranking. Of course that won’t always be possible but this is good practice nevertheless.
  • The text should be divided into small paragraphs. Try to keep the length of sentences to max 25-26 words.
  • No links in the first fold (before the first and primary h2)
  • We can backlink to our older and relevant pieces as we start having more pieces. This will be done using anchor texts and related reads. 
  • FAQs are great! End relevant pieces with FAQs!

You can use long tail kws in faqs too.

  • No cuss words or words like butt, ass, etc. that MSN may flag
  • Integrate Reddit stories and advice from real-life people (experts, too, if possible!) into the pieces whenever possible. Don’t forget to link to the original comment!
  • You can choose about 5ish secondary kws to use. Repeat each 1-3 times in the entire text.
  • The primary kw should appear at least thrice in the text, though. One of those times should be in the intro. One cool way to use long kws is turning them into faqs. You can see how I have done that in the piece attached below.
  • Try not to have any links before the primary H2. It takes a page longer to load and may increase bounce rate.
  • Keep FAQ answer length short. Say max 120 words. 80-ish words would be the optimum length for these.
  • For everything else, we will follow WoG’s general writing guidelines.

Template piece: Relationship piece