XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4k Compact Powerhouse Projector

XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4k Compact Powerhouse Projector

For a projector to truly be a television replacement, it has a high bar to reach to achieve similar picture and sound quality.

The XGIMI Horizon Pro delivers and is also a top contender in the 4k space for meeting your gaming and entertainment needs. With high-quality features like integrated Harman Kardon speakers, Android TV with Google Assistant, and a sophisticated design, this compact cube is a must-have addition to your home entertainment system.  

We did a complete review of the Horizon Pro's features, the projector's strengths and weaknesses, and offer our ultimate recommendation. 

XGIMI Horizon Pro Product Details

XGIMI Horizon Pro
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Projection: The 1.2:1 throw ratio provides more options for placement and installation of the projector, ensuring it can seamlessly fit in any size room. The screen size can be adjusted comfortably from 30″ to 300″ to give you the best viewing experience (the recommended range is 60″ to 150″ to achieve the best quality image).

X-VUE 2.0 Image Technology: HDR 10, HLG, MEMC, Auto Brightness Adjustment.

Portable: Lightweight at just over 6 lbs, this projector can easily move around. 

Gaming: Compatible with major gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Players have access to any Android games available at the Google Store. In game mode, low latency is down to an incredible 35ms, which helps prevent image blur when watching dynamic scenes and content like high-action movies, games, and sports.

Image Quality: Images are bright and sharp thanks to 4K technology, a 2,200 ANSI lumens rating, LED, a 25,000-hour lamp life, and a high dynamic range (HDR) of 10. The picture quality is outstanding. AI adjusts brightness according to any ambient lighting. Many reviewers have marveled at seeing panoramic scenes of deserts and other landscapes. 

Intelligent Screen Alignment: The Horizon Pro uses intelligent screen detection to automatically match the size of your screen with the size of the image it's projecting. 

Sound System: Integrated Harman Kardon high-powered speakers, DSP compatible with Dolby Audio (DD/DD+) and DTS-HD (studio sound technology). By connecting to any device, you can also use the Horizon Pro as a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker. 

Auto Keystone Correction: never worry about perfectly aligning the projector to the wall again. You can set up the Horizon Pro from the side or at +/- 40-degree vertical or horizontal angles. It will automatically adjust and center the image. 

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: this technology will scale the image to ensure no objects interfere with the view. 

Connectivity: 2 HDMI (one ARC) and USB ports, LAN, headphone (3.5mm) port (for the use of gaming headsets like EKSA and Razer), wireless 5G Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 3D supported. 

Android TV: Horizon Pro allows you to access over 5,000 native apps via the Google Play Store, including HBO, Showtime, and YouTube. Chromecast integration will enable users to directly cast apps, games, and content on Horizon Pro. 


This lightweight, portable projector creates an ambiance of excitement, allowing users to view high-resolution, sharp, and bright images while enjoying the big screen experience. You can easily mount the projector to the ceiling or set it on a camera tripod. The convenient and effortless setup and operation of the Horizon Pro make it simple to incorporate into your home entertainment lifestyle. 

The image quality is on par with more expensive displays and less than the cost of many televisions with comparable features on the market. With the built-in Chromecast feature, you can quickly cast your entertainment from your device to the big screen. The Android TV platform gives access to endless apps in the Google Play Store, and Google Assistant can easily be accessed via the remote. 

The Horizon Pro operates quietly, with negligible noise coming from the fan compartment, thanks to an effective INR image noise reduction system. The projector has a high LED lamp life spanning 20 years if the Horizon Pro is used for 3 hours a day. 

Time-consuming manual adjustments are completely eliminated with the Horizon Pro. With a six-second boot-up time, automatic focus, keystone correction, and AI object detection, the Horizon Pro will be ready to start before you even have a chance to get comfortable. 


Though the benefits of owning the Horizon Pro far outweigh the few drawbacks, there are some things the Horizon Pro can improve on.

As discussed, the projector has impressive image quality, but it can be compromised when there is still some light in the room. Although XIGI markets the projector as the brightest in its class, its image is still optimal when operating in complete darkness. 

The Horizon Pro has integrated speakers by the highly recognized brand Harman Kardon, and they work great as a stand-alone. However, it can only rival theater-quality sound by connecting the projector to a soundbar via Bluetooth or a cable.  

Finally, the Horizon Pro lacks a native Netflix app. There may be ways to get around it, but it does require more work. Not having access to the Netflix app on the projector can be a dealbreaker for some consumers. 

XGIMI Horizon Pro is the Best Big Screen Experience

The XGIMI Horizon Pro is an excellent addition to any home entertainment system and a highly recommended purchase. This portable powerhouse is perfect for gamers wanting a big screen experience and movie lovers desiring a theater-like setting.

Android TV and built-in Chromecast make this projector an ideal television replacement option, allowing users to choose from many streaming options from the Google Play Store. The Horizon Pro's easy setup, operation, and automatic adjustments to align the image perfectly are another big draw.

With bright pictures, sharp details, vibrant colors, and value for money, the XGIMI Horizon Pro is a worthy investment.

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