Yellowstone: Why was Beth Dutton in jail?

Yellowstone: Why was Beth Dutton in jail?

In Yellowstone, Beth Dutton ends up in jail after she is arrested for aggravated assault during a bar fight in the third episode of season five.

The fifth season of Yellowstone has received fairly positive reviews so far and it should be as popular as the fourth.

The fourth episode of this season shows Beth Dutton in jail after she was arrested at a bar fight in the third episode. Fortunately, Jamie does show up to bail Beth out, but this leads to her discovering his secret son.

About Yellowstone season 5

By the time that the fourth season of Yellowstone started airing, it was the most-watched drama on the Paramount Network. The show is now in its fifth season, which started airing on 13 November 2022.

Even though the fourth season of the show was so popular, many fans felt like the show was starting to lull and this placed a lot of pressure on the upcoming season.

Fortunately, season five started off at a slower pace, but with a more character-driven focus. This has captured the attention of viewers and it is likely to keep fans tuning in for the remainder of the season.

Yellowstone: Why was Beth Dutton in jail?

The Dutton family and their internal feuds and schemes have always been the source of the most intriguing plot points in Yellowstone, and this has not changed in season five of the series.

The fourth episode of the fifth season of Yellowstone, titled “Horses in Heaven” opens with Beth Dutton discussing her predicament with a woman in a jail cell.

Viewers who are avid watchers of the series will know that Beth was arrested for aggravated assault during a bar fight in the previous episode of the season, titled “Tall Drink of Water”.

In this episode, Beth is sent on an emotional rollercoaster when her father brings up memories of her late mother, just before she meets with a Market Equities' competitor to try and sell off Schwartz & Meyer and gets them to sign the deal.

Beth decides that she and Rip need to celebrate this news, but that Lloyd's birthday celebration is not quite exciting enough for such a big occasion.

They head to a bar in Bozeman instead, but the night turns into a mess quickly when a woman who was trying to flirt with Rip approaches Beth, and a full-blown bar fight breaks out.

Beth ends up breaking a bottle over the woman’s head, and she is consequently arrested by the sheriff and taken to a jail cell.

Fortunately, in the next episode, Jamie shows up to bail Beth out and he even managed to convince the woman to drop the charges against Beth. Thus, she only ends up being charged with disorderly conduct.

What happened in the day leading up to the bar fight?

Even though Beth getting arrested at the end of the third episode is bound to be the new talk of the town for the next few episodes, it was clear that Beth was dealing with a lot of emotion through the entire day leading up to the bar fight.

Firstly, she is obviously upset by the memories of her late mother, and then she gets to act out her vengeful plan against Market Equities later on.

This takes her from an extremely vulnerable and low place, to a very prideful and vindicated place in the span of one episode, and it is no wonder that she would not even think twice about jumping into the fight at the bar.

How did Jamie get the woman to drop the charges against Beth?

Although Jamie is clearly disappointed in Beth’s actions when he shows up to bail her out in the fourth episode, this is only the beginning of the tension between them in this episode.

In the end, Jamie ends up threatening the woman in order to get her to drop the aggravated assault charges against Beth, but it is evident that he does this primarily to save his family from the damage that this would cause to their reputation.

What happens in the episode after Beth gets out of jail?

The building tension between Beth and Jamie finally explodes when she eventually gets into his car after she is released from jail on bail.

When Beth climbs into Jamie’s car, she notices a baby seat at the back of the car, and slowly starts to connect the dots that he has a secret child.

This upsets her profusely and she vows that she is going to make a plan to get his son taken away. She even ends up telling her father this news.