Your Honor: Why did Your Honor a.k.a Michael go to prison?

When does Your Honor return?

Michael went to prison after the first season of Your Honor because he confessed to throwing a case to protect his son, Adam.

Although the second season of Your Honor was not exactly planned, it will allow fans of the show to see a much deeper side of the characters on the show.

The season certainly started off unexpectedly with the former judge, Michael in prison because he confessed to throwing the Kofi case to protect Adam Desiato, his son, in the first season. Fortunately, this confession is also what got him out of prison in the end.

Is the second season of Your Honor any good?

Your Honor was originally meant to be a mini-series which was adapted for American audiences from the original Israeli TV series, Kvodo.

However, following the success of the show’s first season, it was promptly renewed for a second season, which started airing in 2023.

The second season of Your Honor sees the former judge, Michael Desiato, unravelling after his son’s death.

This season has an even darker tone than the first and it has been praised for its deeper exploration into the lives and emotions of the characters in the series.

Your Honor: Why did Your Honor a.k.a Michael go to prison?

Since Your Honor was originally only intended to be a mini-series with only 10 episodes, many fans of the show were worried that the story would be lacking, as most of the loose ends had been tied, when the show was renewed for a second season.

However, so far, the second season has not disappointed with the intensity of its storyline.

After Adam’s death in the first season of the show, former Judge Michael is clearly beside himself with grief when the second season of the show kicks off.

The premiere episode of the second season is titled “Part Eleven” and it opened with a shocking scene of the usually impeccable Michael looking dishevelled and worn-away.

To make matters worse, it is evident that Michael was incarcerated after the events of the first season and is also determined to starve himself.

Later in this episode, when detective Nancy Costello visits Judge Huntview she informs her that she took Michael into custody the previous day.

She also plays the judge a recording in which Michael confesses to throwing the Kofi case in Carlo’s favour, so that he could protect Adam. It is then clear that this is why he was taken to prison in the first place.

Fortunately, Michael’s truly torturous time in prison, albeit self-inflicted pain, does not last a very long time. By the end of the episode, he agrees to help assistant U.S. attorney Olivia Delmont with her case against the Baxter family.

Why is Michael so unrecognisable at the beginning of the second season?

As soon as Michael appeared on the screen for the second season of Your Honor, it was evident that he blames himself for what happened to Adam in the first season.

He feels like he has nothing left to live for and he acts like it, even after he is taken to prison.

This is illustrated through his generally unkempt appearance, as well as the fact by the fact that he completely refuses to eat, even after he is offered a vitamin supplement. It is also clear in that he refuses to interact with anyone who visits him.

Why does Michael eventually agree to help Olivia?

When Olivia tries to convince Michael the first time around that he should help her take down the Baxters, he seems wholly uninterested in anything that she has to offer.

However, when she visits him again, she is armed with the recording of Michael’s confession and tells him that he inadvertently implicated Charlie in the tape as well. This is what convinces Michael to join her cause.

What lies ahead for Michael on this season of Your Honor?

The actor who plays Michael on the show, Bryan Cranston, has said in an interview that he does not think Michael wants to die quite as badly as he makes it seem.

From his point of view, Michael is so blinded by his grief that he has lost touch with his reasons to live.

However, as we have already seen in the first few episodes of the second season, when Michael realises that his destiny is not in his own control at the bullfight, and he realises that he has a new grandson, Michael’s opinion about having nothing left to live for may change sooner than expected.

The second season will most likely see him finding new drive and slowly piecing his resolve back together.