Wealth of Geeks’s Top 10 Star Wars Podcast Awards Announcement

Over 1,000 Star Wars fans spent the last month voting for their favorite Star Wars podcast and today we’re excited to announce Wealth of Geeks’s Top 10 Star Wars Podcasts, as voted on by fans. 

May the Fourth is a very special day in the Star Wars community, something almost as special as Life Day. So what better day than today to celebrate the hard work and commitment of hundreds of Star Wars fans that come together to create your favorite podcasts? 

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Star Wars fans had a very difficult choice to make over the past two months. First, they could only nominate one of the favorite podcasts, and then they could only vote for one of them. I don’t know about you, but I listen to a lot of Star Wars podcasts! So it’s important to remember that this Top 10 Star Wars Podcast Award is just for fun. 

Everyone who produces Star Wars content deserves a round of applause for the time and work that goes into creating content that others love to consume. So regardless of whether you were nominated or placed in the Top 10, you deserve a round of applause for celebrating your love for Star Wars

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Without you there would be no Star Wars community. 

Before we get to the grand reveal of Wealth of Geeks’s Top 10 Star Wars Podcasts, here’s a list of fifty must-listen-to podcasts, as nominated by Star Wars fans. They are all more than just an honorable mention. These nominated podcasts, like the Top 10, are the lifeblood of the Star Wars fandom. 


A Larger View of the Force, Ahch-To Radio: A Star Wars Podcast, Around the Galaxy, The Star Wars Fan Talkshow, The Blue Milk Cafe, Coffee With Kenobi, Coruscant Nights, The Dicey Cantina, Duel Of The Fates Podcast, The Ebon Hawk Podcast, Fangirls Going Rogue, Faster More Intense: A Star Wars Podcast, Flash Fantasy: The Skeleton Crew, Flight Risk: A Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, Force Cast: Jedi Journals, Force Majeure, Force Material, Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour, ForceCenter;


The GALactic Podcast, Geeky Waffle Podcast, Heroes of the Hydian Way, Imperial Senate Podcast, Knights Of The Nerd Republic, The Ladylorians Show, Lousy Beautiful Town, The Mandatorian Creed, Nerdherder Podcast, Pink Milk, Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, Rebel Scum Podcast, Rogue Podron;


Sarlacc Digest: A Star Wars Podcast, Scavenger’s Hoard, Silhouette Zero Podcast, Sistas With Sabers, The Sky Wok: A Star Wars Podcast, The Skyhoppers Podcast, Skywalking Through Neverland, Star Bores Podcast, Star Wars Explained, Star Wars Reactions, The Star Wars Report, The Star Wars Underworld, Stories by Darksaber Light, Take A, Sith Skytalker Podcast, Tales of the Outer Rim, Talking Bay 94, Tarkin’s Topshelf, Triad of the Force, and What The Force

And a huge congratulations to the twenty-seven podcasts who were not nominated, but ran a very hearty write-in campaign: 

3 Men and a MoNKeY-LiZaRD, 11 Parsecs Podcast, A Star Wars Journey with Ashley and Brandi, Bad Motivators, Blue Harvest Podcast, Broaxium, The Boonta Eve Party Planners, Clone Army Radio, The Clone Cast Pod, ConverSWations, The Escape Pod, Faking Star Wars, Force Chatter, Friends of the Force, From a Certain Point Askew, The Gazebo Effect: The Star Wars Historians, Girls With Sabers, It's True. All of It. A Star Wars Podcast, Kyber Sisters, The Rexin Around Show, Scarif Scuttlebutt Star Wars Escape Pod, Star Wars Speculation, Star Wars Splash Page Podcast, Star Wars: The Saga Continues, and the Starbird Dawn: A Star Wars Podcast.

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The Top 10 Star Wars Podcasts 

Cue up the Max Rebo Band and let’s celebrate like we’re on Endor, we’ve reached the big announcement portion of this article! The Top 10 Star Wars Podcasts! 

After two months of nominations and voting, the people have spoken and now it’s time to reveal Wealth of Geeks’s Top 10 Star Wars Podcasts, as voted on by Star Wars fans. 

Return of the Pod: A Podcast About Star Wars (formerly Jabba the Pod) 

Star Wars Podcast

Return of the Pod is hosted by Brian Silliman, Caitlin M. Busch, and Matt Romano. You can listen to them talking about Star Wars and other areas of sci-fi/fantasy/comic book culture every week on your favorite podcast app! 

Kessel Run Transmissions 

Star Wars Podcast

Kessel Run Transmissions is hosted by Corey Van Dyke, Noah Outlaw, and Clare Stribling. You can watch Kessel Run Transmission on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and you can listen to the Kessel Run Radio wherever you find your podcasts.  

The Resistance Broadcast 

Star Wars Podcast

The Resistance Broadcast is hosted by John Hoey, James Baney, and Lacey Gilleran. You can listen to The Resistance Broadcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. The Resistance Broadcast is part of Star Wars News Net where you can find the latest Star Wars news. 

A More Civilized Age: A Clone Wars Podcast

Star Wars Podcast

A More Civilized Age is hosted by Rob Zacny, Natalie Watson, Ali West, and Austin Walker. Join them as they dive headfirst into the final days of the Galactic Republic, debate which Jedi is messiest, and dig into the themes and politics of The Clone Wars. You can find all of their episodes on their website

Skytalkers – A Star Wars Podcast

Star Wars Podcast

Skytalkers is hosted by Caitlin Plesher and Charlotte Errity. Check out the Skytalkers’ website to find all of their neatly organized recaps, discussions, articles, and epic interviews. They even have their very own shop, with some cool Skytalkers-themed stickers! 

HoloNet Marauders

Star Wars Podcast

HoloNet Marauders is hosted by Jamie Casagrande, AJ Spirito, and Matt Simonelli. You can find all of their episodes on the HoloNet Marauders. In between episodes, they also write about Star Wars news on their site. The HoloNetMarauders are organizing a May 4th Fundraiser which benefits the Peter Mayhew Foundation. So be sure to drop by and donate if you can! 

The Living Force Podcast 

Star Wars Podcast

The Living Force Podcast is hosted by Eric Eilersen, Corey Helton, and Charles Hanckel. You can find all of The Living Force Podcast episodes at Youtini, including their weekly streams! Join the pod as they guide you through the Expanded Universe. The Living Force is part of Youtini, which provides a lot of highly detailed Star Wars book coverage. 

Children of the Watch: A Star Wars Show (formerly The Mandalorian Watch)

Star Wars Podcast

Children of the Watch is hosted by Alex Maxwell and Mac Lacey. You can listen to the Children of the Watch podcast on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and you can find their new live stream episodes on YouTube. The Children of the Watch is dedicated exclusively to the Star Wars live-action show The Mandalorian, so you’ll find weekly reviews and deep analysis on this pod! 

Blast Points | Star Wars News and Discussion

Star Wars Podcast

Blast Points is hosted by Jason Gibner and Gabe Bott. You can find everything that you want to know about Blast Points over on their website. Legend says that they're very good at George Lucas and Kylo Ren impressions. So you should probably listen to find out if it’s true (It’s true. All of it.) 

Outer Rim Beacon (formerly The Star Wars Friends Show) 

Star Wars Podcast

Outer Rim Beacon is hosted by Justin Oldham, Josh Schramm, Kyle Bright, and Maggie Lovitt. Join them as they dissect the newly released Star Wars books, chat about The Bad Batch on fun live streams, and bring you exciting interviews! You can find all of their episodes wherever you listen to Star Wars podcasts.

Congratulations to all of the podcasts who were nominated! Each and every one of you hold a very special place in the Star Wars community! 

Managing Editor's Note: The Managing Editor at Wealth of Geeks is part of one of the winning podcasts. She abstained from nominating, voting, and advertising the Outer Rim Beacon's involvement in the competition. The site's Editor has been provided the full list of voters in the competition.

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