Netflix Announces Release Date for Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon”

Award-winning film director, lauded for his spectacular cinematography, and renowned for DC movies like Man of Steel and Justice League first thrilled fans with the visuals for his upcoming movie Rebel Moon in Dec. 2022.

Rebel Moon follows the story of Kora (Sofia Boutella): “The reluctant hero from a peaceful colony who is about to find she's her people's last hope.” The cast includes Sofia Boutella, Ed Skrein, Charlie Hunnam, Ray Fisher, Cary Elwes, and more.

Netflix has announced the official release date for the epic space opera film, and fans are losing their minds over it, placing it on Justice League levels.

@DiscussingFilm shared teasing visuals.

Even though one user said, “December 22nd can’t come soon enough!” Not everyone is impressed with the movie (yet). Someone wrote, “Hope this is good it looks pretty Netflixy if you ask me,” and someone else said, “This looks real bad.”

And yes, it looks like the “Charlie Hunnam, Will It Be Green Arrow” talks are about to return as fans reference Charlie Hunnan dressed in a green costume in a visual.

“The green outfit was chosen on purpose and no one will ever convince me otherwise,” lady_le_fay said.


Also Zack: [dresses Charlie Hunnam in a green hooded costume in #RebelMoon],” someone joked.

@TheAllen_Knight replied, “He's confirming to the memes that all his heroes have guns yeah. Definitely exactly what Snyder would do.”

@Variety said Rebel Moon will be “Netflix's big Christmas event movie.”

“As of now, Rebel Moon is the only movie out of the entire Netflix lineup to trend,” a fan account said.

@SnyderContent shared an interview with Zack Snyder and Netflix's executive Ori Marmur.

@whyustanning listed the qualities she's sure Snyder would bring “perfectly”.

@Variety reported, “he thinks of it as his take on of ‘Star Wars'”.

“I'm all in for the #RebelMoon universe. Hoping for a cinematic release,” @TKesseli replied.

Other fans fancy the concept of a “Snyderverse.”

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