Zombie House Flipping Chauncey Pham

Zombie House Flipping Chauncey Pham

Chauncey Pham is a real-estate entrepreneur who can be seen flexing her flipping skills alongside the rest of the Dallas team on Zombie House Flipping.

Where regular home renovators do surface touch-ups, the Zombie House Flipping crew goes above and beyond to upgrade and fix their “zombie” homes.

Chauncey Pham is one of the members of the Dallas team on Zombie House Flipping. She also has experience in managing multiple brands and businesses.

What does the cast of Zombie House Flipping do?

At first glance, it might seem like the cast of Zombie House Flipping is just a few more teams of home renovators and flippers. However, the teams that are showcased on this show do so much more than simply repainting or re-decorating homes.

Teams that want to flip “zombie” homes, like the ones featured on the show, often have to disassemble their new properties completely and take them down to the studs because they are in such a poor condition.

They then have to entirely rebuild these homes from the ground up and attempt to sell them for the highest possible profit, all in a matter of days.

Zombie House Flipping Chauncey Pham

When Zombie House Flipping started airing in 2016, there was only one team based in Orlando, Florida, which was proficient at tackling these kinds of projects.

However, now that the show has grown in popularity, its production has also expanded into other real-estate markets in Dallas and Tampa.

Chauncey Pham is one of the newer members of the cast and she is part of the show’s Dallas team. Pham films the Dallas portion of the show alongside her other team members, Derek and Sarah.

She immediately became a fan-favorite on the show because of her vibrant personality and can-do attitude.

Pham and the other members of the Dallas team focus on finding homes with good bones which they can build up and reconfigure into stylish, modern properties that will get snatched up quickly once they hit the property market.

They have also given the local real-estate market a real boost by trying to stick to their trusted, local vendors on the show.

Zombie House Flipping is not Pham’s first entry into the Dallas real-estate market; she has been flipping houses since 2018, but has always been part of the home renovation and investing market in one form or another.

In fact, Pham even mentors and guides other people who want to enter this market through her courses and other businesses, and she has years of experience in just about every aspect of the house flipping process.

She is particularly skilled in what she calls Attraction Based Marketing, which has helped her garner success throughout her entire career so far, and which continues to help her to win over clients on the show.

What did Chauncey Pham do before she joined Zombie House Flipping?

Pham refers to herself as a real-estate entrepreneur because she has managed to build so many successful brands and businesses in the industry.

This includes Phamily Realty Group and Phamily Capital Partners, which Zombie House Flipping fans and Pham’s fans and followers on social media should already be familiar with.

Pham was even a boutique brokerage owner well before she joined the show, and she is passionate about coaching, mentoring, training, compliance, marketing, and strategic planning.

About Chauncey Pham’s husband

Derek Pham is Chauncey’s husband who co-stars alongside her in Zombie House Flipping. Fans have loved watching this married couple’s dynamic as they work together on the challenging projects that are featured on the show.

This dynamic has developed over years of working and flipping houses together after Derek decided that they could do more than just having a simple corporate life. He encouraged Chauncey to join him in the flipping market.

How did Chauncey Pham get on Zombie House Flipping?

Pham is obviously not someone who backs down from a challenge and that is exactly how she and her husband were cast on Zombie House Flipping.

As busy as Pham is juggling all of her different business ventures, she has still managed to build and impressive social media presence and online brand.

This is ultimately what convinced the casting team and producers of Zombie House Flipping that they should cast her on the show.

However, Pham did admit that even though the show approached her first, she did have to undergo a grueling interview and test-screening process before the final decision was made to cast her.

Ultimately, Pham decided that the exposure that she and her husband would get from starring in the show would be well worth the extra effort and thus, accepted the producer’s offer.