Zombie House Flipping Justin and Ashlee

Zombie House Flipping Justin and Ashlee

Justin and Ashlee are not featured on the most recent season of Zombie House Flipping, but they still flip houses on their own.

The Zombie House Flipping crew takes on many challenging flips throughout the course of the show and has now expanded to include two brand new teams.

Justin and Ashlee, who were part of the original Orlando team, have now moved on from the show, but they are both still in the flipping business and remain friends to this day.

About the Zombie House Flipping crew

The hosts and crews of regular home renovation shows usually spend their time tweaking small details to make the homes seem fresh and modern.

But the crew on Zombie House Flipping have to work hard to restore homes that have fallen into disrepair and often pull off insane upgrades in a relatively short amount of time.

When Zombie House Flipping was just starting out in the show’s first few seasons, there was only one small group of flipping experts who were based in Orlando.

But now the show has expanded to include two new teams in Dallas and Tampa, respectively.

Zombie House Flipping Justin and Ashlee

Although long-time fans have been exited to see how other teams all around the country tackle the challenge of upgrading and flipping these “zombie” houses in the most recent season, the original Orlando team will still always hold a special place in many loyal fans’ hearts.

This original Orlando team consisted of Keith, Duke, Justin and Ashlee, but over the years the team’s configuration has changed slightly.

First Duke left the show for personal reasons, even though he has returned in the most recent season of the show.

But Justin and Ashlee have both decided to focus on their lives and businesses outside of the show and have thus not been featured in the fifth season.

Justin Stamper originally took on the role of the project manager for the Orlando team, while Ashlee Casserly acted as their real-estate agent.

However, what fans of the show may not have picked up on is that Justin and Ashlee are actually real-life business partners and co-founders of the Blueprint Real Estate group which is often featured on the show.

Although Justin and Ashlee both decided to part ways with Zombie House Flipping, it does not seem like there is any bad blood between them and the show.

In fact, they both still feature the show heavily on their social media platforms and they even still mention and promote the show in their Instagram bios.

What has Justin been up to since he left the show?

Justin may no longer be acting as a project manager on Zombie House Flipping, but he is certainly still quite active in the Orlando flipping and real-estate market.

Justin has been heavily involved in an initiative called Highest&Best, which is meant to be a community where all kinds of local real-estate agents, investors, contractors, educators and more can connect and help each other.

Avid Zombie House Flipping fans will also be glad to know that he is still looking after his dog and best friend, Marley, who is also regularly featured on his Instagram page.

What has Ashlee been up to since she left the show?

Even though Ashlee is no longer helping the Orlando team to flip houses on Zombie House Flipping, she is also still invested in flipping, designing and renovating homes in her personal capacity, just like Justin.

In fact, she has even promoted a remodeled two bedroom/ two bathroom and a three bedroom/ two bathroom home in the hourglass district that she renovated and is now renting out, on her Instagram page.

Ashlee also seems to be prioritizing her own wellness, as she regularly posts pictures with friends and family, and she has even posted about her recent skiing vacation.

Are Justin and Ashlee still friends?

Fortunately, its seems like parting ways with the Zombie House Flipping team has not affected Justin and Ashlee’s friendship at all.

Together, they have built an impressive real-estate business which is called the Blueprint Real Estate group and they are both still actively involved in the company and act as realtors in the area to this day.

The Blueprint Real Estate group not only aims to expand the Orlando real-estate market, but also to facilitate the building of relationships within the entire Central Florida community, through the work that Ashlee, Justin and the rest of their team do.

Justin and Ashlee are also friends outside of work and according to Ashlee’s Instagram page, they even spent this past New Year’s Day together with all of their other friends.