How Zombie House Flipping: Tampa team

What is the cast of Zombie House Flipping doing now?

Zombie House Flipping has taken a more educational and informative approach following the show’s expansion into the Tampa real estate market.

Zombie House Flipping has been one of the most popular shows on A&E for a while and has only recently expanded its concept into other real estate markets.

The new Tampa team has adopted an educational approach to the show and plan to educate the public on how they manage to flip “zombies” in the complex Tampa real estate market.

Why did Zombie House Flipping make the move to Tampa

The original Zombie House Flipping started out in Orlando, Florida in 2016.

However, now that the show has run for five seasons and maintains its spot as one of A&E’s most popular shows, the network has decided to expand into other areas throughout the United States.

This includes the Tampa Bay area, as well as Dallas and Fort Worth, which are all heavily featured in the most recent season of the show.

Zombie House Flipping has not only branched out into other real estate markets, but has also introduced several other Zombie House Flipping teams who know how to approach the unique challenges that each of these new markets pose.

How Zombie House Flipping is adjusting to the Tampa market

The premise of Zombie House Flipping remains the same, wherever the expert teams are based: to buy inexpensive, but downright “scary” homes that need some serious sprucing up, before they can be sold at top dollar.

However, as most flipping-enthusiasts will know, the secret to successfully flipping a house for as much as possible is ensuring that you know the market that you are buying and selling in.

The fifth season of Zombie House Flipping started off with the new Tampa team, which consists of Dolmar Cross, Samantha Middleton and Amanda Areopagita.

This team has years of experience in the Tampa Bay area real estate market and have adopted what Dolmar refers to as an “attainable aspirations”-approach to the show.

This means that this new season focuses much more on educating viewers at home about how the entire Zombie House Flipping process works and how they can get involved in the business, themselves.

Dolmar and Amanda revealed in a radio interview which they did on the MJ Morning Show on Q105 that they have found that using data to make sure that they purchase these “zombies” for as low a price as possible and making sure that they are as conservative with their purchases as possible, ensures that they can be successful in the complex Tampa Bay real estate market.

What is the secret to Dolmar and Amber’s real estate success?

While fans who tuned in to watch Tampa Zombie House Flipping team for the first time, may have been impressed by the pairs’ expertise, they were, however, not always as successful in real life.

Dolmar has mentioned on multiple occasions that he had to fail a few times before getting to where he is now in his career.

Amanda and her husband only became friends with Dolmar when they needed to get back on their feet after they had lost a lot of money in the real estate market.

What are the challenges that the Tampa team has had to deal with on the show?

Knowing how to flip houses is one thing, but knowing how to flip houses on a nationally televised reality television show is something completely different.

Dolmar has revealed that one of the biggest challenges that they have faced in filming the show has been learning how to communicate with the rest of the team.

However, he has also mentioned property-related problems like a house filled with waste matter and an owner who did not have access to the title of his home, because the bank had closed down.

Zombie House Flipping Tampa’s suggestions for people just getting in to flipping

Though the Zombie House Flipping Tampa team are aware of how unpredictable and volatile the real estate market in this area is at the moment, they are also hopeful that the show can educate the general public about the different ways that they can get involved in house flipping, even if they do not have an entire show and years of experience behind them.

This includes strategies like “paper flipping” or “wholesaling”, which Dolmar described in the MJ Morning Show interview as a way to flip a house, without actually having to buy the whole house.

This strategy will allow regular people to buy interest in a property and make money through this interest without having all of the responsibility of having to fix up and list the property.