Don’t Be a Zoom Zombie – Use The Symposium App Instead

The pandemic feels like the start of a horrible horror sci-fi flick. Business owners, freelancers, advisors, and consultants alike have been left scrambling to take their business online to survive. 

However, many have found traditional solutions to meet and consult online are proving to be inadequate. I'm looking at you, Zoom! Send money to me here, schedule with me there, then meet me back over here to have the meeting, it's like the 2020 TicTok version of the Thriller dance. 

Recently, I discovered Symposium, a forward-thinking video conferencing platform that seems to have answered the call for creating a better way for people to consult, schedule, and collect money all-in-one.

Using Zoom to conduct paid video conferencing opportunities can have you feeling like a zombie navigating a gauntlet of third party solutions,” according to Symposium co-founder Troy Roques

This year's unique challenges have had everyone from stay at home parents to entrepreneurs to corporate employees flocking to online communication tools. Features like video conferencing have become even more critical to help people reach their loved ones and audiences.

Some of the savviest entrepreneurs have even found a way to monetize their audiences online through a new platform called Symposium.  If you're looking to monetize your webinars, group chats, and one-on-one encounters, then look no further – Symposium might just be your ticket to social commerce. 

Why do I like Symposium?

Symposium describes itself as the holy grail of business tools for experts, influencers, and anyone who wants to share their time with others to inspire, teach, entertain, and earn with ease! I agree. If you wish to host an exclusive one-on-one SymTalk session or broadcast to thousands using Symposium's pay-per-view style SymCast feature, they have up-leveled the video conferencing and streaming game with calendaring, monetization, and security. 

Symposium has created a win/win platform, so experts and influencers from all industries are approachable, allowing them to share experiences with anyone looking to learn a new skill or be entertained without the need for third-party scheduling or payment apps.

 Experts and influencers can package and market their time based on their reputation, while knowledge and skill-seekers can pick and choose the experiences that suit their personal needs. 

If you've got access to the web or a mobile device, you've got access to Symposium and a whole new world of opportunities. Symposium creates individual booking links to share across your social media platforms to invite your friends, fans, and followers to share in unique meaningful experiences with you.

Hosts can create personalized offers and give their audiences access to one-on-one time, live group chats, or even personal recordings. Users can schedule time with others and get access to their favorite influencers, celebrities, or industry leaders. This means that hosts can monetize their time by making it available to their audience.

The access categories offered on the Symposium platform include:

  • SymTalk – A one-on-one scheduled video chat session with a buyer. The buyer typically purchases consulting time, tutoring time, or a meet-and-greet. Some typical uses for this are to do one-on-one coaching within an industry or simply to grow audience loyalty by having a face to face conversation with someone.
  • SymCast – A scheduled one-to-many live streaming session with multiple buyers. Most hosts set this up as a pay-per-view service to host live performances, tutorials, and more. Some popular uses for this feature include doing makeup tutorials, motivational speeches, and more.
  • SymGram – An unscheduled feature that allows a host to send a personalized video message to a buyer or other user. Common uses for this include a birthday greeting, a quick coaching or motivational message, or another quick note. Politicians may end up using this to thank their donors personally.

How Can YOU Use Symposium?

Symposium is designed to help people with small audiences monetize their offerings. Some of our favorite side hustles include course creation, coaching, blogging, and more. Here are a few ideas of how different people can use Symposium to monetize their offerings:

  • Yoga or fitness instructor. If you are a fitness instructor, you can use the SymCast feature to broadcast classes to people who are at home. Home fitness is popular amongst people who work from home and has been on the rise in 2020. People are not required to share their videos, so you can simply lead a class to people who are exercising in the comfort of their homes.
  • Travel blogger. With Symposium, you can help fund your travels and support your blog by sharing some special places with an exclusive group of paying readers. They can log in to your SymCast, spend time in a place with you virtually via SymTalk, or you can send them a quick hello with a SymGram.
  • Course creators. If you have people who are already learning from you in a group program, you can offer 1:1 instruction via SymTalk. They can get on your schedule for additional lessons or consulting for a price.
  • Makeup influencers. If you already have an audience that loves your tutorials, you can offer people one-on-one guidance for an additional fee. Additionally, if you have a new technique, you can have people join a paid webinar to share it before you make it public on social media or YouTube.
  • Gaming experts. While there are other ways to broadcast live gaming sessions, you can monetize by SymCasting your gaming sessions. You can share insider tips and connect with your audience differently.
  • Charities. If you oversee fundraising for something but aren't able to host a physical event, then Symposium might be a perfect way for you to sell tickets still and engage an audience. Consider hosting trivia nights and other paid events on Symposium!

Why Should I Use Symposium Instead of Zoom?

In short, it is challenging to monetize Zoom. Virtual meeting solutions like Zoom, Facebook live, Google hangouts, etc., were not set up to hand the unique need of for-profit enterprises. Namely, they cannot promote, market, collect a payment, and schedule a meeting/consultation all on one platform. 

Therefore, using Symposium has several benefits to help people with any size audience to monetize their offering.

For example, Symposium has a payment system and scheduling system built-in. This helps to create a seamless process for both hosts and guests on the platform. Symposium eliminates all third-party scheduling software and other cumbersome integrations by putting everything you need to host a successful, profitable event in one place.

The Bottom Line

While Zoom seems to be everyone's favorite video conferencing software right now, it is by no means the best way for people with side hustles to monetize their audiences. Symposium helps to streamline the pay-per-view and one-on-one chat process to make celebrities, influencers, and coaches accessible to their audiences.

Don't be a Zoom zombie, take your online business to the next level using the only solution that offers a marketplace, billing, and scheduling all in one easy to use solution. 

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