Chainsaw Man Cover wildest chainsaw man moments

The Wildest Chainsaw Man Moments

Anyone who’s read or watched Chainsaw Man knows well that a heart-pounding moment lurks around every corner. The series never lacks violence, but moments of …

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Attractive Anime Girls Banner

Hottest Anime Girls of All Time

Hot anime girls are a staple in the anime medium. Whether in fan service or as a waifu figurine, attractive characters help define the style …

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best toonami shows

The Best Toonami Shows

Toonami has dedicated itself to supplying a solid action animation block since 1997. More than a mere collection of shows, the Cartoon Network block has …

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Spooky Anime

Spooky Anime for the Halloween Season

Instead of frolicking in the beautiful autumn outdoors, how about celebrating the season inside by watching anime? Check out 22 of the darkest, scariest, ghost-filled …

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